#death by excel

li este artigo “10 things you learn in a office job” e é como a série the office: todos aqueles que já trabalharam num “escritório” conseguem perceber e rir (ou chorar, dependendo da ocasião).

o melhor dos 10 pontos:

9. Data entry is where souls go to die.

The cruelest punishment that the God of work has ever saw fit to bestow upon lowly humans is, without a doubt, data entry. You will find yourself questioning how this level of tedium and repetition is even possible for a human to endure for 40 hours a week, and will often consider murdering your entire department just to do something a little more interesting. But it’s something we’ve all had to do at a certain point, so just hang in there, and one day you’ll be doing something way more fulfilling and engaging — like filing or getting coffee for a superior.

aaaaaaaaah. cada vez que trabalho com bases de dados, i die a little. serioulsy.
quem disse “death by powerpoint” claramente nunca trabalhou com o excel.


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